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GUAMAP sends Spanish-speaking acupuncturists and other health care volunteers equipped with a full range of medicines, needles, teaching tools and treatment supplies to selected villages in northern Guatemala. Local trainers of health promoters integrate GUAMAP´s acupuncture training course into an ongoing health care curriculum. GUAMAP also sends shipments of medicines and specialized supplies requested by health promoter representatives for various community health projects.

GUAMAP is very happy to announce a seven day international delegation to visit the work of  acupuncturists in Petèn, Guatemala.

For a full program announcement, open this pdf. file.It loads slowly.

Their work is present in twenty communities in one of the most under resourced parts of Guatemala. GUAMAP has collaborated with a national Guatemalan NGO, ASECSA, and the Assembly of Peten Acupuncturists for acupuncturists and others from outside of Guatemala to view their unique acupuncture practice. More details are available for those interested in securing a slot. The sign-up time period is until Feb. 15th., 2013. The group minimum is eight persons, with a maximum of twelve persons. The time frame  (May 19-25, 2014), schedule, and costs are available in pdf file above.

Proceeds will benefit GUAMAP, The Assembly of Acupuncturists, and ASECSA, our partners in this work. As GUAMAP enters its 20th year anniversary, we are excited to present the model that has sustained our work, and made possible the cures provided by rural acupuncturists in thousands of treatments. We thank all of you who have shown interest, supported us, taught us, collaborated with us, and who have carried forward lessons learned from Guatemala in your work over the past 19 years.

The scope of the Petèn acupuncturist's treatments is wide and deep. Observation of their rural clinical practice and observation of a GUAMAP training session can assist in you in your knowledge of emergency rural medicine, community based acupuncture, rural developing country environmental health conditions, tropical disease, and rural health care. The acupuncturists are also trained in health promotion, with some maintaining traditional Mayan medicine roles as well.

The practitioners you will see are mostly though not exclusively K'ekchi Maya, one of the two largest Maya nations. You will have an unparallelled experience with an organization that applied the many lessons from barefoot doctors in a post war Latin American context. A side trip to the most important Classic Maya ruins of Tikal is optional, but included in the price. Spanish language ability is helpful but summary translation is available in English.

We encourage you to forward this notice and share it in professional newsletters or in academic institutions. We look forward to hearing from you and hope your practice in 2014 is fruitful!

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The Coordinating Committee plans and implements  acupuncture trainings and supports community based monitoring. To read more, see: Programs

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The AWG designs, implements, and revises GUAMAP's acupuncture curriculum subject to board approval. To read more, see: Acupuncture Working Group

Partner NGOs
Since 2001, GUAMAP has collaborated with the Associon de Servicios Comunitarios de Salud (ASECSA) Peten Office in San Francisco, Peten, and the Programa de Promcion de Salud of Centro Kerigma - Quetzal in Poptun, Peten,Guatemala. To read more: see Partner NGO's

Trainings are held twice annually in May and September or October. A training level includes two week long courses with three monitorings between trainings... To read more, see: Training

Monitorings are carried out by trained Guatemalan acupunturists with 7- 12 years experience in practice. Day long exchanges of patient record reviews, with discussions of DX and TX.
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GUAMAP carries our education in the United States about our training model and the results of popular clinics carried out by more than 20 Guatemalan acupuncturists.  Formal presentations of our work were presented to APHA ... To read more, see:Education

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