GUAMAP - Guatemala Acupuncture and Medical Aid Project
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Coordinating Committee
August 31, 2009

Partner NGO's
From 1995 - 2000 GUAMAP collaborated with ADEPAC, a refugee resettlemtnet NGO with a field office in Alta Verapaz and  San Benito, Peten.  ASECSA Peten is a departmental level health promotion training program throughout Peten, the largest department in Guatemala. ASECSA Peten administers paid positions of local acupuncture trainers and monitors for GUAMAP and assists the practioners' assembly. ASECSA is a national NGO, with headquarters in Chimaltenango Dept.   The Programa de Promcion de Salud of Centro Kerigma - Quetzal in Poptun, is a program of the local Poptun Catholic parish and the Centro-Kerigma -quetzal is a training center of the Catholic Vicariate of the Department of Peten, Guatemala. The program administers a pharmacy that supplies acupuncture needles and provides training facilities.

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