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MANUEL was called to a home in the middle of the night for a baby delivery. The baby was okay, but the placenta had stayed attached to the uterus which had prolapsed completely out of the woman's body. He warmed DU 20 with moxa. After 20 minutes the placenta fell away from the uterus and the uterus began to move. In 15 more minutes the uterus had moved back inside the woman's body.

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CHICO, after returning from his first acupuncture class a few years ago, found his mother having chest pain. He used R17, H7, P6 on her. She began to breathe better. The next morning she was fine. In another case, Chico worked on a man who had fainted. They thought he was dead. Chico needled KD 1 and DU 26. The man woke up after 20 minutes.

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ANA CLAUDIA assisted in 10 baby deliveries in five months in 2012. She helped five couples conceive with acupuncture and herbs. In one case, the man had acidic semen and she fixed it. She also said she treats a lot of older people who have been abandoned. She feels the acupuncture gives them new life and energy.

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JUANA has been doing acupuncture for eight years and health promotion for twenty-two years. She doesn't charge old people and children, charges to cover costs and getting paid means that what she does is of value. Most patients return three to four times for 20 minute treatments.

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ALFREDO was called one night to help a woman on the fifth day of a hemorrhage. He did needles and also moxa on REN 4 for three hours. This stopped the bleeding. He did a second treatment the next day and she was better. Alfredo also treated a man with a prolapsed anus that was very painful. He needled DU 20, Ren 4, 6; SP 3, 6, ST 36, LI 4 and it went back in and stopped hurting.

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ALBERTO heard a six-year-old child crying all night. He finally approached the mother to ask what was wrong. She said for many years the child had abdominal pain. Alberto did moxa on the abdomen at REN 8 for about 15 minutes and the child fell asleep. The mom and child had not slept at night for years. She was very happy.

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NORMA has treated several 17 – 20 year-old girls with no menses - after four treatments it begins and then continues normally from month to month. For this treatment she uses REN 3, P6, SP6, 4, and LI 4.

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JULIO told about treating a man who lay in a coma, soiled the bed and didn't move. He was paralyzed so badly that his legs bent forward at the knees and were frozen stiff. Julio warmed moxa into UB 39. & 40 and UB 27 & 28 until they were hot and the man woke up.

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SANTOS was asked to help a boy who had been paralyzed for 15 days. The boy had had a seizure and couldn't move or talk. He treated him with DU 20, Ren 17, 14, SP 6, 4, ST 36. After the needles had been sitting for five minutes the boy began to move and everyone was happy.

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