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Learner's Circle Sponsorship Program

Basic Acupuncture Course
Trainees gather four one week long courses and four single day monitorings that cover diagnostic skills, meridian and point locations covering over 20 unique treatments. For the full training program description click here.

Typical Two Year Basic Training Schedule(training dates vary).

Year I: (covers 20 health conditions)
       Feb/March: 1st seven day intensive workshop.
       June:  Half day monitoring meeting with trainees.
       Aug/Sept: 2nd seven day intensive workshop.
       November:  Half day monitoring meeting with trainees.

Year II: (a detailed manual is received with treatment strategies for 25 more health conditions)
       Feb/March: 3rd seven day intensive workshop.
       June: Half day monitoring meeting with trainees.
       Aug/Sept: 4th & final seven day intensive workshop.
       Nov: Half day monitoring meeting with trainees.

Follow-up training and monitoring is then available for practitioners to gain additional knowledge and skills.  

The Impact of Basic Training on Delivery of Services
We conservatively estimate acupuncture treatments delivered annually will increase from 20,000 to 22,500 in the region of Petén, the largest department or state in Guatemala. The geographic service area will be enlarged, covering 31 additional communities distributed in five of the 12 municipal areas of Petén.  The initial program of education will expand the reach of GUAMAP-trained acupuncturists to 30 additional rural communities beyond the current 18 communities for 48 total.  Health promoters learn Traditional Chinese Medicine as a comprehensive healing system, and they can then greatly expand their range of diagnoses and treatments in subsequent learning.

Examples of Conditions for which Treatment Strategies are Learned:
Mental/Behavioral: anxiety, PTSD, addictions
Muscular–Skeletal: painful conditions of knee, shoulder, lumbar, neck, head, elbow, ankle.
Infections:  cold, flu, fevers, vomiting, diarrhea or dysentery, sinusitis, chills, urinary infection
Other: appendicitis, pneumonia, malaria.

Frequent Asked Questions

Q. Only $30/month seems like very little to fund a training program: how do you do that?

A. The key is in the long history of development of this program.  We’ve learned to provide intensive and focused learning forums and use regular monitoring to make sure trainees have picked up the necessary skills.  Through experienced trainers and elaborate manuals, the treatment strategies are conveyed more readily.  Unlike the expensive campuses that train acupuncturists in the U.S. and other countries with much time devoted to esoteric aspects of the field and study of all kinds of treatment approaches, our trainees come to simple facilities and gain skills to provide treatment for about 50 health conditions that are responsive to acupuncture where the people have displayed great need for help.

Q. Does all my donation really go to the training expenses or does it also help the organizations administrative expenses?

A. GUAMAP has other sources of funds to administer the U.S. office that develops and manages the projects, so that these contributions are solely for training expenses. By us keeping the costs low, your modest donation of funds can accomplish great things.

Q. How do I find out about the completion of my sponsored trainee’s education?

A. When the program is successfully completed you will receive an email or letter confirming the accomplishment.  If you are interested, you may then opt to sponsor another trainee.  In addition, the GUAMAP newsletter, posted online, will report on the graduates.  

Q. What if a student I sponsor doesn’t complete the training program?  

A. Sometimes a student is unable to complete the program due to various circumstances.  Any funds that have been expended for that student up to that point will be made up from other GUAMAP sources, and your donations will go to the full training of another applicant.  

Q. Are my donations tax deductible?
A. Yes, if you are in the United States. GUAMAP is a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit organization and you may apply your payments to the charitable giving part of the tax return; ask your tax consultant for further details.

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