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Santos is a community leader and serves as a first-level health promoter in the Maya Q’eqchi’ community Nacimiento, Machaquilaito in the municipality of San Luis, Petén. “I want to learn acupuncture to help my community. It is necessary and important because our community far from the center of our municipality”

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Josefina serves as a second-level health provider, has concluded diversified studies, and speaks Spanish and Maya Q’eqchi’. Josefina works with the Ladino and Maya Q’eqchi’ community of Chal y Sabanetas in the municipality of Dolores, Petén. “I love my work in health because of all the people I get to help. Acupuncture is an alternative way of bringing healing to my community.”

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Werner is from the Maya Quiche and mestizo return refugee community Caserio Posa del Macho, in the municipality of La Libertad, Peten. He graduated with a bachelorette from a letters and science program (secondary and pre-university), serves as a third-level health promoter, and speaks both Quiche and Spanish. “I want to learn acupuncture because it is an alternative form of medicine that not only is more economic than bio-medicine but it does not have harmful side effects in patients.

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Jacobo serves as a second-level health promoter in the Ladino community of San Marcos in the municipality of Dolores, Peten. “I really enjoy my work as a health promoter. By learning acupuncture I can expand the resources available in my community to help heal people’s illnesses without the need of a lot of economic resources.”

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Lucia is a first-level health promoter in the Maya Q’eqchi’ community Gracias a Dios in the municipality of Poptún. Lucia also responds to emergencies for families in the nearby communities. “Since our community is far from the municipality, access to health services is difficult. I want to learn accupuncture to bring more health resources to the people of my community.”

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Miguel serves as a first-level health promoter in the Maya Q’equchi community Caserio, Choquela in the municipality of San Luis, Peten. “The families in my community are low in resources, and in cases of emergencies they cannot afford to travel to the center of the municipality. Learning acupuncture will serve as a another method of supporting and bettering the health conditions of the families in my community.”

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María Ofelia, a ladina, completed a baccalaureate, as well as 3rd level mid-wife and 4th level health promotion training. She has worked for 6 years in the San Benito and San Andres municipalities covering 20 communities; most of which are Q’eqchí Maya communities. "I want to learn acupuncture because I like it and there is a need to apply it when we provide community consultations. We will be helping to reduce health costs for low income people."

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Matilde, who is Mam, graduated from 6th grade primary school and works as a 3rd level health promotor in the municipality of Sayaxché. "Because the need exists in the communities, especially the community I live in, it is difficult to access health services, the families don’t have sufficient funds to go to a doctor or buy medications. Acupuncture is an alternative for our communities at less cost and with less damage than with pharmaceutical medicines".

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Floridalma graduated with a bachelorette letters and science program (secondary & pre-university) and serves as a 4th level health promoter in the municipality of La Libertad and with the communities served by ASECSA –Petén, having completed some acupuncture when taught in a community setting. . . . "I have . . . worked a little bit with acupuncture …the results are good. . . I feel the need to start again. There are many health problems that are not cured with pharmaceutical medicine".

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Manuel, a Q'eqchi Maya, is a trainer in health promotion and midwifery in Las Cruces, Petén. He completed 6 yrs. of primary school,4 yrs. of health promotion. "I have seen that acupuncture is very useful with patients that do not get better with either essential medications or prescription medicine."

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